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Four special characteristics of the useful LED lighting products

Shanghai - People should know that LED products could be divided into many sorts such as led street lights, LED explosion proof lights and LED flood lights. However, the LED lighting products have many commonly features which could be much more different from other kinds of lighting products. Today, the engineer from the best LED light products manufacturer which website would let people understand these special features.

The first factor is that the body of LED light is very small and compacted. The LED has been products by small and fine chips which have been encapsulated in transparent epoxy so it is very small and lightweight. In that kind of situation, the production and application of the LED light products such as LED high bay lights can help people save a lot of material and space.

May be the second factor is the most important feature of the LED light products such as solar LED street light. The energy consumption led street lights of the LED product is very low. In the normal situation, the LED's operating voltage is generally between 2 to 3.6V and the operating current should be 0.02 to 0.03A. In other words: its power consumption could not exceed 0.1W which should be decreased by 90 percent comparing with the incandescent light. Therefore, only the LED can be called a true energy saving lighting source.

Thirdly, the LED lighting products such as solar LED street light is very sturdy and durable. People should know that the LED chip is completely encapsulated in epoxy which is extremely difficult to be broken. On the other hand, the entire light body could not have loose parts and the inside the chip is extremely difficult to be broken and there are very few thermal effects which may be volatile and fuse. These features make the LED is difficult to be damaged.

Fourthly, the service life of LED light products such as led flood lights is longer enough than other lighting product in people¡¯s daily life. At the properly current and voltage, the service life of LED light could be up to 100,000 hours which is theoretically up to 10 years¡¯ life. So, people should say that the LED lights are the only longevity star in the lighting industry.

The other feature of the LED light is the safety low voltage. However, the LED light has used the low-voltage DC power supply. The voltage of power supply has been between 6 to 24V which would be varied depending on the difference of LED products such as LED street lights. In short, it would be much more safety than the light products which have apply the high voltage power supply.

From today¡¯s development trend of LED industry, the LED products such as LED explosion proof lights led explosion proof lights would be the first choice for people to the lighting system of their home.

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