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The sixth anniversary affair for the outdoor equipments brand North Face has been held in Shanghai

Shanghai - The world's leading outdoor brand which name is THE NORTH FACE has made the layout of their showing site of sixth anniversary become the beautiful Potala Palace on October 14 to 15 at the Shanghai Grand Gateway. The topic of this anniversary is about that they want to invite outdoor enthusiasts embark the trip to Tibet. This trip to Tibet could not only let the outdoor activities lovers experience the exotic of Tibet in the urban jungle but also could they enable consumers to experience the deep sense of brand spirit of THE NORTH FACE which is Never Stop Exploring. The North Face is the famous brand for the outdoor activities¡¯ equipments such as the North Face jackets. If people want to seek more information about this brand, they could browse the website which is the high reputation online seller for the North Face jackets.

When people are facing with the severe winter weather condition, these people who actively pursue the outdoor lifestyle would seek protective clothing such as the North Face jacket which could help people withstand the cold and snow. The latest men's jacket of NORTH FACE has extensive used the Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable fabric. In the factor of workmanship, they have applied the laser cutting process on PU waterproof zipper. In the factor of design, they have used the underarm ventilation with mesh lined zipper, adjustable windproof hat, documents folders and others which both show excellent R & D capacity of the outdoor clothing of the North Face. The ergonomic design has fully shown the technology caring of the NORTH FACE.

At terms of fashion, THE NORTH FACE has applied the durable and high-comfort fabric which is A&F jackets to provide with the warmth and comfort to the body exercise in cold climates. The strong visual color and rugged printed patterns of the NORTH FACE Sport products such as the north face jackets could enrich the lives of explorers and it could also add a different kind of choice for the lover for outdoor activities.

Along with the improvement of brand awareness and market share, the NORTH FACE has cheap polo jackets become more and more famous among China¡¯s outdoor activities lovers. Most people in this anniversary are the real outdoor activities lovers. In addition, there are various types of interactive games, Tibetan dancing and sweepstakes which could le consumers to have fully participation. All of participators in this anniversary would have common feeling of the charm of THE NORTH FACE brand. If people want to seek the high quality North Face products such as the North Face jackets, they could simply view the website which would let them have a better choice.

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