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The supply and demand situation of Beijing housing market would not have great change

Beijing - The statistics of real estate companies which name is dragon bay Beijing has shown that the transaction price Beijing pure commodity housing would reach to 24,356 RMB per meter in May of this year. This number has had a little bit rising compared with the price in last month. The statistics from website which is the agency for Beijing apartments has also shown that the price of second-hand housing has also had some increasing in May.

From the perspective of supply and demand situation, it is not difficult for people to understanding the reasons for the increasing of housing prices. According to data from dragon bay villa, the Beijing total new supply for house has reached to 15,227 units from January to May 2013. On the other hand, the total trading volume reached 36,633 units. The difference between the two areas has been up to 21,406. This also means that inventory units of Beijing new homes have had a net decreasing of 21,406 sets in 2013. From this kind of situation, the property market would have short supply situation in the future.

The price limiting order of Beijing would be obviously the main reason which xanadu causing the situation above. The price of government approvals would be shorted with 2000 RMB than the psychological price to be lower. Facing with this kind of situation, the real estate enterprise such as dragon bay Beijing should only postpone the opening of their apartment projects.

The vice president of dragon bay Beijing has said that although the original intention of the real estate market regulation is to curb the releasing of the irrational demand, the way that the government use to controlling prices by approval the limiting of price while this method has also exacerbated the shortage situation and whether it could achieve the desired effect should remain to be seen.

However, the expert from the dragon bay villa has also analyzed that the Beijing Xanadu Apartment sales volume in June would have greatly increasing that that in May. But due to the limiting for the pre-sale permit issuance, the volume of the new supply would have limitation. This kind of situation will make volume of Beijing new home transactions in June have slow pattern of rising. Meanwhile, in the trend in short supply, there would still the pressure on prices decreasing and the price could even continue to rise. However, the demand of people for the apartment and house would be last for a long period of time. In that case, the price of resident in Beijing would not have a great changing in the future.

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