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Study Shows Three-Fourths of All Have Some Form of Gum Disease - Afflictions range from gingivitis to tooth loss

According to a new study, the same old ways to prevent periodontal disease are still the best ways to avoid future aches and pains in the gums.

According to a new study, the same old ways to prevent periodontal disease are still the best ways to avoid future aches and pains in the gums.

Still, brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash can only do so much, and visiting professionals for full cleanings is highly important. Even all three of the activities can not guarantee that one will not develop some form of periodontal disease. Most afflicted with the disease are not going to find symptoms of the disease until it is too late. The affliction affects millions in the United States.

A new study done at the University of Maryland Medical System stated that over 75% of all adults have some form of gum disease. That number likely astonishes some, and yet 30% of those individuals who are susceptible to developing such an affliction. What is even worse for many, is that 60% are unaware that they have any gum problems at all.

The disease can be anything from a simple inflammation of the gums, such as gingivitis, to the devastating effects of periodontists, such as bone decay and tooth loss.

The affliction is mainly caused by bacteria, and periodontal disease is quite common in those who do not practice consistent and proper hygiene activities. Still, following the basics of dental care does not ensure anyone that such an affliction does not develop.

Unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and improper oral hygiene are the main proponents of gingivitis. They all also help the process of tooth decay, and one of the main reasons young adults are so highly susceptible is clearly a mixture of all the poor activities and improper care. Sodas, chocolates, candies, and other snacks that are too high in sucrose and fructose will create plaque and lead to inflammation of the gums.

For the best ways to avoid the onset of complications due to periodontal disease, the removal of negative actors such as smoking and candies can help. Reducing sugar in general reduces plaque formation. Still, the most important part is the active positive contributors such as brushing and flossing routinely. For added benefit, visiting professionals who can assist with larger trouble areas and neglected areas is also key.


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