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Costa Rica Immobilien

Most beautiful Costa Rica – Why not emigrate or spend the wintertime?

Costa Rica Immobilien

Did you ever think about escaping from the cold, renouncing the stress, leaving the ordinary days behind you or beginning a completely new life? Did you ever imagine how it would feel like to have a piece of freedom for yourself or to be entirely independent? Yes? And you are not really sure where to head for, to newly begin or at least to get away for a while? Why not go to this wonderful Costa Rica?

More and more people - especially from western industrialised countries - are unhappy with their living situation. Could be that they face economical problems or don't feel to well about the social environment. A lot of people do also have their problems with all the enforcements and rules that are dropped on them by our societies. There are also those who cannot longer deal with the bad weather and who wish nothing more than an increase in their quality of life. But of course there are also the ones who like to experience some adventure or yield to their urge of freedom. Where else than in Costa Rica could you ever leave all those inconveniences behind you?

There are various reasons to emigrate to Costa Rica or at least spend some time of the year in this country. Costa Rica offers an incredible biodiversity of plants and animals, unique in the whole world! You'll find everything here, wonderful mountains and volcanoes, beautiful landscapes and the dream beaches at the Caribbean sea and the pacific ocean.
There are numerous possibilities how to live, we offer tax advantages, there are no huge agglomerations, the ticos are friendly, cheery and open, so Costa Rica is definitely a paradise! Here you can live a calm and peaceful life, you can fulfill your dreams or start all over again. This country is exactly the one needed, if you prefer to live in a tropical paradise, spend the winter months or run some business or investments. Costa Rica has something to offer for everybody!

Since 1949 Costa Rica hasn't had any army any more and has had a strong reputation of being the oldest and most stable democracy in Latin America. The high standard of living, good education and an excellent medical care grant Costa Rica a significant value among other emerging nations.

From an economical point of view the "Switzerland of Central America“ is in a drastic build up and offers good chances also for investments coming from abroad. No residency permit is needed if you want to found a company, open a bank account or invest in whatever. The charges are likely low and the process is quite easy. Costa Rica with its basic conditions presents itself as an attractive alternative for capital providers and due to the legal environment as well as a safe country to live in or invest.

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